It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you Deadpool is near. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year: the 12 Days of Deadpool.

Over the next dozen days, Fox is getting into the holiday spirit by unveiling a whole bunch of new and wildly inappropriate Deadpool posters and clips on a variety of websites, all culminating in the premiere of the brand-new Deadpool trailer on Christmas Day. Because, really, what better way to celebrate the holiday than by watching an ad for a movie about Ryan Reynolds as a murderous mutant assassin who likes to stab and shoot people and make really dirty jokes?

Today the 12 Days of Deadpool (or #12DaysOfDeadpool, if you’re down with the hashtags) kicks off with the video above, featuring Deadpool drinking egg nog through a mask (is that even physically possible?), and the debut of the brand new Deadpool poster. Here it is, via Entertainment Weekly:



Nice Jack Nicholson Joker reference, Deadpool poster!

I have absolutely no idea how good this movie is going to be, but the marketing has been a lot of fun. They’ve certainly captured the anarchic spirit of the best Deadpool comics, and Fox, to their credit, hasn’t been shy about playing into the character’s immature sense of humor. If nothing else, it’s a nice change of pace from most superhero movies, which can be fun but are rarely edgy in any way.

Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12. Until then we wish you a merry Deadpool-mas and a happy mutant year.