Green Lantern is the latest comic book character to become the basis of a major motion picture, and his colleagues in the superhero community quite naturally wanted to take the famous space cop out to celebrate. But with so many deserving superheroes remaining confined to the comics page, alcohol-fueled tensions resulted in a dramatic clashing of hatred, jealousy and loathing not seen since the original Melrose Place.Created by Los Angeles-based comedy troupe Frog Island, A Toast to Green Lantern imagines comic book superheroes as shallow Hollywood players, with Hawkman being the most desperate of all. The Justice Society founder is envious of Green Lantern's mainstream exposure and bemused by the cinematic success of Elektra, Ghost Rider, the Punisher, and other characters he sees as undeserving of their own movies. As Hawkman's ambitions get the better of his manners, the gathered heroes brutalize him with a ceaseless barrage of sick burns and cold disses. It's behavior unbecoming of America's great superheroes, although one could argue that Hawkman's meltdown is in keeping with his established character.

The remarks made by the heroes of A Toast to Green Lantern reveal an impressive knowledge of comic book lore on the part of Frog Island, and echo the questions and concerns made by comics fans and film buffs about the nature of superhero films -- which is to say, a great deal of those remarks are really stupid and sometimes very offensive. Along those lines, this clip contains language that is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so hit 'play' at your own risk.