These days toy companies like Hasbro and Mattel tend to be pretty generous with pack-in stands for their 3.75-4" action figure franchises. Marvel Universe, G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures are often stocked with character-specific platforms fans can pop into those tiny holes at the bottom of their favorite character's soles for quick support. That's pretty much the end of their function, though. Aiming to enhance the display experience, Fun Publications has produced the Action Figure Display System, which aims to provide collectors with a more robust plastic canvas to create dioramas and environments for their toys.

The system starts a plastic base with two foot pegs and a base clip, plus a detachable clip arm. The base can hold up to two figures while the clips can mount background images. Multiple bases and clips can be assembled to create larger environments supporting many figures.

From the official Action Figure Display System press release:

"We wanted to create something that gave collectors options for displaying their figures and give them the ability use their own imaginations in the process", says Brian Savage of Fun Publications. "We think that collectors will come up with other uses beyond what we've already envisioned and that they will look forward to the additional add-ons and upgrades that we are already discussing."
A three-pack of Action Figure Display System bases starts at $12 over at the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club site, which breaks down to $2 per figure for a basic configuration. You can check out Fun Publications' sample images below to see if the system might be your toy collecting cup of tea. I suspect customizers will have plenty of ideas for the display system before long.