Few things in life please me more than awesome action figure customizations, but even I have to admit that this... this is bizarre. Not in a bad way, but bizarre nonetheless.

The folks over at Gizmodo have pointed out this tremendous grandfather clock that is covered head to toe in discarded action figures. Designed by Ryan McElhinney, the creation is called the Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock, though I would have been tempted to call it "The Terrific Toy Tower of Time."

And that is why I don't get to name things.

ComicsAlliance assistant editor Caleb Goellner insists that there's a Dalek from Doctor Who on here, but honestly, I can't tell. Aside from some Ninja Turtles, a few Hulks and a Buzz Lightyear or two, I can't make out a single one of these figures. That's got something to do with the fact that McElhinney "bonded [all of the toys] together and then coated in a high gloss polyurethane white paint." It also has something to do with my eyesight being horrible.

"Each piece is one of a kind and made to my clients requirements," McElhinney writes of the clock's design. "This allows me to place toys that my client may have played with in their childhood and tell a story. Clients often tell me that even a year after receiving their sculpture that they discover new [toys] that they had missed or press a button and find toys that light up and make noise."

Apparently, this sucker is 2.2 meters tall and chimes every fifteen minutes. That is pretty tremendous.