Adam Hoppus knows there's more than one kind of monster in the world. There are monsters who live under your bed, monsters who steal your cookies (true monsters know cookies are more than just a sometimes food), monsters who prefer a diet of raw human flesh, dapper monsters with top hats and canes, monsters with fur and monsters in leisure suits, undead monsters and monsters from outer space. Hoppus captures an array of monstrous creatures in his cheerful sketches and vector illustrations, and, in some cases, the cars those monsters drive.

Hoppus plays around with characters from Ben 10, One Piece, FLCL and other properties, but he clearly has the most fun designing his own monsters. Most of his designs don't strike me as the sorts of monsters who go bump in the night; rather they seem to come from another universe where monsters are the dominant species, and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Currently, he's working on a weekly challenge over on his blog, Monsters 'n Stuff. Each weekend, Hoppus posts a new original monster along with the vehicle he imagines it might drive. The project is a little bit carrot and a little bit stick; as much as Hoppus loves drawing monsters, he hates drawing cars. The result is these curious vehicular-monster pairings. At least not all of Hoppus' beasties drive monster trucks.