Some of the finest post-cartoon Masters of the Universe artwork we've ever seen comes from the hands of artist Adam Moore. He's big on the same kinds of hyper-defined muscles and body textures that Simone Bianchi draws, but his figures tend to be slightly slimmer with more realistic builds along the lines of someone like Dennis Calero.

Moore lets loose with his commissions and experimental exercises on his deviantART account. You'll notice that he also has a blog called "Bruised Terrestrial" where he offers up some more context for his work. From She-Ra eating her own self-branded breakfast cereal to brawls over money breaking out between He-Man and Lion-O, he knows how to illustrate the heck out of some '80s animated icons.

He's the kind of artist you could picture working on an adult He-Man coloring book, which might not be a terrible idea. Think on that proposition and whether or not you agree as you check out his work below: