It's easy for some artists to get jazzed drawing furry tributes to Masters of the Universe. Adam Roth is one of those artists, and he's jacked up plenty of other pop culture icons in his interpretations of Moss Man, Battle Beasts and Austin Powers. Whether they've got hair on their chests or cyber-armor on their shoulders, Roth's macho figures stay gritty while letting their painted plastic colors sparkle, but he pays attention to the manliness being exuded underneath.

His portrait of the late Harvey Pekar, for instance, may not be toy-based, but it is a standout in his gallery on It also shows his range tackling subjects from the real world, as well as those from Toys "R" Us racks of the 1980s. He's a 27-year-old talent who may force you to look back at your favorite childhood character and wonder what kind of drug-induced muscle fantasy attracted you to them in the first place, but as you'll see after the jump, he renders a pretty convincing barbarian hamburger from Food Fighters.