Available for download on Monday is Adventures Of Superman Chapter 17, the latest installment of the digital first series. Featuring Superman stories outside of current New 52 continuity, the series boasts a rotating cast of creators re-imagining tales of the Man of Steel in his earlier years. In this upcoming chapter, the second in the three part "Like Father, Like Son" storyline, writer J.T. Krul and artist Marcus To introduce the earth to the threat known as Mongul. Meanwhile, Superman is in his Fortress of Solitude, meeting the spirit of a lost Kryptonian: General Zod.

DC Comics has provided ComicsAlliance with a preview of Adventures of Superman Chapter 17, which you can check out after the cut.

Adventures of Superman Chapter 17

Written by JT Krul
Art by Marcus To
"Like Father, Like Son" Part 2 of 3.
While Superman is in the midst of an eye-opening conversation with General Zod, a powerful alien warlord named Mongul attacks! Can anyone stop this intergalactic invader?


Adventures of Superman Chapter 17 will be available digitally on Monday, August 19 via ComiXology.