Just when you thought there were no more Alan Moore works left to pathetically mine for ideas, the wizard of Northampton is back with Fossil Angels. Originally written in 2002 for the now-defunct KAOS magazine but never published, the two-part prose piece has been posted -- with permission -- to the LiveJournal account of Pádraig Ó Méalóid.

Regard the world of magic. A scattering of occult orders which, when not attempting to disprove each other's provenance, are either cryogenically suspended in their ritual rut, their game of Aiwaz Says, or else seem lost in some Dungeons & Dragons sprawl of channelled spam, off mapping some unfalsifiable and thus completely valueless new universe before they've demonstrated that they have so much as a black-lacquered fingernail's grip on the old one. Self-consciously weird transmissions from Tourette's-afflicted entities, from glossolalic Hammer horrors. Fritzed-out scrying bowls somehow receiving trailers from the Sci-Fi channel. Far too many secret chiefs, and, for that matter, far too many secret indians.

You can read the rest of Fossil Angels right here.

[Via Robot6]