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Alex Deligiannis isn't the only artist out there trying to update the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he does have a pretty clear idea of what a new, perhaps more stylized, animated series about the Heroes in a Half Shell could look like. He works professionally on cartoons for Nickelodeon Animation Studios (whose parent company Viacom now owns the TMNT rights), so he knows a thing or two about such matters, and he's got the freshest take on Krang you're likely to have seen this year to prove it.

Deligiannis' visions of Rocksteady, Bebop and Casey Jones are sold as prints through his Crush County website. He's also got a blog and deviantART account where you can keep up with his evolving projects. Flip through those sketches and you'll also see bodacious interpretations of Wolverine and a Cylon.

Look out below to the check out a handful of those creations that really got our Technodromes rolling.