Fans have seen a number of promotional images (and quite possibly a very leaked trailer) showcasing Andrew Garfield's movie duds from The Amazing Spider-Man, but Hasbro's new action figure images may be the most comprehensive look web-heads have gotten at it yet. USA Today has an early look at Spidey's upcoming figure, which will be on display this week during Comic-Con International. The toy itself won't hit stores until closer to TASM's July 3, 2012 debut, but you can check out its 20 points of articulation at work in advance after the jump.The new figure seems to vividly recreate the new Spidey costume's texture and the costume's soled feet and mechanical webshooters are easy to pick out. All in all it displays everything fans seen in various promotional images in one easy, action figurey dose.

Check out images of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man action figure below:

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[Via USA Today]