Yeah, zombies are still scary - particularly the zombies from AMC's "The Walking Dead," which have an all-too spry penchant for popping up online on their march toward their "Fearfest" debut in October.

AMC treated fans to a barrage of production images earlier this month. Those shots served as something of a zombie head-shot for three actors and were somewhat softened by accompanying images of visual effects specialists, tying the package into a look behind the scenes that ultimately kept me from hiding in my closet. This week's desaturated production shot? It's all exposed organs, greying flesh, cloudy eyes and undead desperation. You know, terrible zombie stuff.

The image comes from the show's Atlanta set where, according to AMC's press release, director and executive producer Frank Darabont is singing the praises of famed makeup artist Greg Nicotero's TWD skills. "The work he is doing is beyond what one could hope for. Our Zombies kick a**!"