This past weekend at PAX East in Boston, 8-Bit Punk band Anamanaguchi announced they'd been chosen to provide the soundtrack for the upcoming video game adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" series, and played the game's theme song live (see the video after the jump). After the announcement, ComicsAlliance talked with lead guitarist/programmer Peter Berkman and bass guitarist James DeVito about their introduction to the work and how they were chosen for the game.

Last summer, while on tour, the band came across a copy of the first volume of "Scott Pilgrim" while staying in Kentucky, and instantly fell in love with the series. Berkman recalls his first reaction: "This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen." And in one of those rare moments of perfectly timed opportunity in life, the band was sitting down to breakfast the very next day when a phone call came in from Ubisoft, asking them to create the game's soundtrack. Berkman and DeVito say they were both beyond excited to be able to provide the full musical score for the project.O'Malley is a fan of Anamanaguchi's music, so it's no surprise that they're a perfect fit for the project. "Scott Pilgrim" uses images and metaphors from video game imagery that resonates with an entire generation together to tell a coming of age tale of surprising depth. Anamanaguchi, similarly, combines "guitars and drums with cascading squarewaves from a 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System," taking the familiar and nostalgic sounds of the old school platform and using them as a way to create complex music; Berkman cites Weezer, Ozma and Smashing Pumpkins among his influences.

Ubisoft's "Scott Pilgrim" game will be releasing later this year to coincide with the film hitting theaters. Meanwhile you can check out Anamanaguchi's site to hear some of their music and watch a video of their announcement at PAX below, which features them playing the game's theme song accompanied by a montage of images from the game.