Face it. Watching artists draw superheroes with stale, muscly '90s-standard bodies gets old, so it's great that we have doodlers such as Andrew Schick, who draw Batman's teen-wonder sidekick as if he were a young Benjamin Button. Schick's work resembles Jeff Lemire's gawky style with a touch of googly-eyed absurdity that looks like it could have been ripped out of Gary Panter or Brian Chippendale's sketchbook.Several takes on Batman, Robin and The Joker appear in Schick's Tumblr feed, where he keeps a regular sketch blog. His character poses and pen strokes there come together magnificently to reshape classic comic book concepts.

Schick's casual sketch work that doesn't have anything to do with Batman can be fun to watch, as well. He can make a compelling scene just playing around with motion and facial expressions-or explosions coming out of a nondescript subject's hands.

Watch him get crazy and let us know what you think of his art below: