From Wolverine's fangy teeth to Venom's thick, flailing tongue, the most famous faces in the Marvel Universe cut some striking profiles. Artist Andy Jones knows this and has attempted to do them justice in an impressive assortment of headshots. From Spider-Woman's tresses to Scott Summers' cold stare that's strong enough to make itself known behind his visor and optic blast, Jones has played around with compositions and textures and come up with some wicked Marvel masterpieces (note the lowercase m there, since Marvel didn't commission these).

Hulk's swelled-up jawline and Ghost Rider's flaming skull both make appearances among Jones' other works on hisdeviantART account. And don't be fooled into thinking that he's a one-trick pony either, because he can render characters from the front with the best of them as well.

Jones' symbiotes and the material in Deadpool's costume sold us on his talent's more than anything, a few more examples of his triumphs in the world of hero heads await you below.

[Via Geek-Art]