When the first volume was released more than a decade ago, David Beauchard's imaginative autobiographical comic L'Ascension du haut mal ("The Rise of the High Evil"), the English title of which was simply Epileptic, critics praised it to the heavens. It eventually won an Ignatz award for Outstanding Artist in 2005.

The story, which focuses on the family's attempts to cure his brother's epilepsy, and how the struggle with the illness led the artist to dig deeply into a fantasy world of mythic creatures and ancient soldiers, has been adapted into an animated film helmed by director Christophe Gérard which appears to nail the look and feel of the comic.

Two trailers have been posted on the official website. They've been coming and going, so we'll just direct you that way rather than risk embedding broken players.

The late Kim Thompson, co-publisher of Fantagraphics books, personally translated the English edition of Epileptic, which is still readily available. The movie itself doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll be keeping an eye out.


[Via Cartoon Brew]