Project Rooftop announced the results of its Spider-Man redesign competition a few weeks ago, and even though Anjin Anhut may not have won, he definitely won us over with his multi-pouched, parkour-ready version of Marvel's famous webhead. As it turns out, he's got a loads of other great concept art and redesigns in his portfolio, and the deeper you wade into it, the more obvious it becomes that he's got game design in his blood.Anhut keeps a trove of lush, painted heroes and pixelated madness in his gallery on He occasionally plays around with gender and tinkers around with characters from the ranks of the ThunderCats and X-Men.

From Storm to Hulk Hogan, Anhut's worked on an expansive array of styles, pulling heroes such as the Mario Bros. out of video game to tweak and refurbish, while also digitizing a menagerie of of great heroes for game use. Let us know what you think of his work below: