Considering Gerard Way, frontman for My Chemical Romance, is doing quite well in the world of comics as writer of the successful Dark Horse comic, The Umbrella Academy, it was merely a matter of time before others decided to jump in the pool. But this news is a bit more interesting, because it involves a tantalizing fusion of music, comics, alternative reality video game and fantasy film series in the planning stages from Melissa Auf Der Maur, former bassist for Smashing Pumpkins and Hole.

According to NME, Auf Der Maur decided on the multimedia approach "After I wrote over two and a half albums' worth of material and had more than an album recorded, I thought 'I'm gonna have to start telling the story in another way. It then became a half-hour fantasy time travel film involving vikings and witches, but also modern day car crashes and this whole scary freaky thing that then translated into a comic book, and then I met this amazing comic book team."

As far as the comic book thing, called Out of Our Minds, goes, Auf Der Maur told NME, "It's a long unfolding of a bigger story. Each element can be 'to be continued'. There is potentially a 12-part comic book and there is potentially a six-part mini-series film."

If Auf Der Maur has her way, some of the music she produces for this multimedia project will be given away too.

This one sounds interesting... Stay tuned for more details as they become available.