Despite ruling the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, and serving as a founding member of the Justice League, Aquaman's never really received his alternate evil version due when the team has clashed with their meaner counterparts from other realities.

The good news for fans, according to Comics Continuum, is that Arthur Curry will appear for at least a short time in the upcoming "Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths" animated feature. Unfortunately, unlike his more popular teammates, viewers won't catch Curry tangling with an evil version of himself.

Dude gets the shaft again.
It's not altogether surprising considering just how few evil Aquamen have taken up arms as part of the Crime Syndicate and/or Crime Society. Grant Morrison's "JLA: Earth 2" (which "JL: C2E" draws a fair amount of inspiration from) contains a brief appearance by the shark-like Barracuda while "Super Friends" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" both feature alternative versions of the hero, but that's pretty much all Aquafans have to work with.

Though this film won't add much to the evil Aquaman canon, fans can check out the heroic version of the character when "Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths" arrives in stores on February 23.