People associate Toys for Tots with the holidays, but the organization is teaming up with Archie Comics to ask people for one specific type of donation all year long: Comic books.

Archie has gotten the ball rolling on its "Give a Book" partnership with Toys for Tots by donating 100,000 graphic novels -- about $1 million worth -- to children in need over the course of the year. The publisher plans to continue donating throughout 2014, and hopes fans will join in.

"Basically, there's nothing that encourages education more than reading, and there's nothing that makes kids want to read more than something they enjoy. And they enjoy comic books," Archie Publisher and co-CEO Jon Goldwater told USA Today.

The new issue of Archie Double Digest, No. 246, includes a story about Toys for Tots that ties in with the announcement. That issue is out today.

If you can afford it, donate some comics and help some kids enjoy some fun reading material.


Archie Comics


[Via USA Today]