Forget Riverdale, Archie and Jughead could soon be sporting ascots in Hollywood thanks to Archie Comics Publications' deal with the Creative Artists Agency.

The CAA is expected to push Archie intellectual properties into all kinds of media, but film and television are at the top of the list. As Cinematical reports, the redhead could follow in the giant footsteps of Hasbro's Transformers, one of just a few properties launched into the cinematic stratosphere by the CAA's representation.

Of course, other Archie properties such as "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Josie and the Pussycats" could also receive second chances in Hollywood after their respective runs in more contemporary entertainment.

Archie's never had the easiest time piercing the mainstream veil given his almost chokingly-wholesome nature, but where there's the CAA there's a way, right? After all, if the Jonas Bros. can get by without hanky panky, Archie could step in as the next logical icon of hand-holding. Plus, there's always room for a techno remix or full on metal cover of his rock band, The Archies', "Sugar, Sugar" on a summer soundtrack.

The future is wide open Archie! Embrace it!