Whenever I'm called upon to explain just how weird Archie Comics are --- something that happens... well, probably about as often as you'd expect, really --- there's always one thing that I go to first. It's not Jughead's Time Police, it's not the crossover with the Predator, it's not even those stories from the '70s about Veronica being held at knifepoint and Betty having to fight off a bear when she goes camping. The one thing that sums it up most? The existence of Riverdale's Memory Lane.

If you're not obsessively familiar with it, Memory Ln. is an actual street in Riverdale that  allows the people who walk down it to travel through time. Mostly, this is done so that they can meet versions of themselves from the '40s, but please note that there is also a Frostesque fork in a yellow wood that allows for the creation of alternate futures.

And now, you can experience it for yourself in the pages of Archie's next digital collection. Check out a preview below!



Please note that while there are actually streets called Memory Lane in real life --- a quick look at Google Maps shows that there are at least four in Oklahoma alone --- I do't think any of them allow pedestrians to navigate the time stream.

Here's the official solicitation:



Archie Meets Archie?! What’s going on here?! Seems like something strange is happening in Riverdale, and the gang is meeting up with past versions of themselves! It’s causing some trouble, too—can Jughead out-eat himself? Which Reggie plays the best pranks? And with two Bettys and two Veronicas wandering around, Archie has TWICE the girl trouble!

Script: Nelson Ribeiro, Fernando Ruiz
Art: Rex Lindsey, Jeff Shultz, Jon D’Agostino, Rich Koslowski, Jack Morelli, Barry Grossman
Cover: Rex Lindsey
On Sale Date: 11/27
70-page, digital exclusive
$4.99 U.S.