After several months of fantasizing about failed marriages to Riverdale's Betty and Veronica, Archie Andrews is moving on to Josie and the Pussycats' tambourinist/bassist/apparently sometimes guitarist Valerie Brown.

As mentioned at The Beat, the couple can be seen smooching on the upcoming "Archie" #608, which sees stores this April.

I could joke about how Archie is falling in love with a girl with a tail "Avatar" style, but this is such a nice change of pace for the affable red head that I'm just going to sit back and let this wholesome young lad enjoy another romance during his functional Riverdalian immortality. He's going to have enough problems scoring gas money to make the drive to the Pussycats' various gigs. Valerie seems worth it, however, being cooler than about 900 percent of the girls Archie's smooched on previously.

Anyway, I'm more excited about the awesome weirdness that is "The Return of Ronald the Rubber Boy" in "Archie Double Digest" #205 than all this here huggin' and a-kiss'n. Check out a few preview pages of the Plastic Man/Elongated Man/Reed Richardsish weirdness from the Archie Web site after the jump...