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Can it be so? Is Archie really 65 years old? You bet! The saga of everyone's favorite comic book teen began way back in December, 1941, with Archie's very first story in PEP COMICS #22 (December, 1941). A mere year after his auspicious debut, the red-headed wonder was awarded his own title with ARCHIE COMICS #1 (Winter, 1942). Now 65 years later, the Archie characters remain one of the longest-running groups of continuously published characters of all time! Is it any wonder? Archie and his friends have entertained 6 generations with timeless tales of the trials and triumphs of growing up! Along the way, they've represented the fads, fashions and attitudes of America's youth. This has led to an enormous following and spin-off projects such as countless animated series and licensed merchandise. Truly, Archie and his friends are a cherished American institution.

Now, in tribute to Archie's longevity, this special issue of ARCHIE DIGEST pays tribute to Archie's illustrious past by reprinting Archie's very first adventures from PEP COMICS #22 and ARCHIE COMICS #1! From Archie being a hapless showoff when Betty moves into town, to Archie being a tongue-tied, discombobulated wreck when Veronica moves into town, these early stories written by Vic Bloom and others reflect the free-wheeling fun of the popular screwball comedy movies of the day. Not to mention the charmingly exaggerated cartooning styles of Bob Montana and others so popular in the 1940s. As if that weren't enough, the original "funny animal" supporting features like Squoimy the Woim, Cubby the Bear and Bumbie the Bee-tective, from the legendary Joe Edwards are also included! If you've never seen Archie and his friends as they originally appeared, you're in for a treat with these milestone tales... as well as a brand new story created in homage to the gang – "When Archie Meets Archie": On the eve of his 65th anniversary Archie Andrews meets... himself! At least, the version of himself that appeared in Archie's first story! After Archie gets used to calling his other self "Chic," he ends up meeting the vintage Jughead and Betty, too – also drawn 1940s style! The space-time continuum has never seen anything like this! Celebrate Archie's 65th anniversary in the best way possible – read this digest and take a hilarious walk down memory lane!

ARCHIE DIGEST #236, ships 7/4. Full color digest format, $2.49 US. SCRIPTS AND ART: Vic Bloom, Bob Montana, Fernando Ruiz, Rex Lindsey and more!