Army@Love coverAfter seeing the debut of Army@Love -- the return of Rick Veitch to DC's Vertigo imprint -- hit the stands in March, I wondered aloud how folks serving in the military would react to this comic, a send-up of the current conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially, one so heavily influenced by elements as diverse as The Sopranos, Catch-22 and Fear of Flying.

Got my wish after spotting a piece written by Bryant Jordan for the ArmyTimes, that was a bit closer to even-handed than you'd have any right to expect.

Just the same, Jordan spent more time discussing the satirical approach of Army@Love with Joe Kubert, Veitch's longtime mentor and the voice of Sgt. Rock, than Veitch himself. "[Veitch] is totally entitled to his opinion. I think he shares that with a lot of people in the United States. I happen to disagree with him."

Question: Do you believe it's too soon or just the right time to lampoon the current Iraqi conflict in comics, TV or anywhere else? And, just wondering, do politics and comics really mix at all?