The CW has been dropping trailers left and right, but if you thought Arrow hung up the bow after its first full Season 4 trailer, you’ve literally got another thing coming. Not only does the latest Season 4 spot finally namedrop the “Green Arrow,” but Damien Darhk also shows off skills that might make him the biggest bad to date.

You’re warned of some potential Season 4 spoilers from here on out (and for more, check our full trailer breakdown!), but Damien Darhk is more than a towheaded terror in a suit it seems. Not only does Neal McDonough’s new big bad “want to know everything about this ‘Green Arrow,’ where he lives and who he loves,” but he also seems to possess the ability to Stop Oliver’s arrows in mid-air … with a wave of his hand?


The CW


What do we think? Leftover metahuman cruising through Central City? Some fancy H.I.V.E. trickery? Or perhaps the onset of magic and mysticism, as repeatedly teased by producers for Season 4?

In addition to its Constantine crossover, we know of Arrow Season 4 that the fourth year is expected to somewhat creatively revamp the series after its Season 3 finale saw Oliver retiring the vigilante lifestyle. In addition to a focusing on DC villains H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Season 4 will also introduce Rutina Wesley, Parker Young, Jeri Ryan’s Jessica Danforth, J.R. Bourne’s Double Down, Echo Kellum’s Mr. Terrific, Alexander Calvert’s Anarky, and White Canary before her Legends of Tomorrow role.

Apart from Wendy Mericle’s elevation to co-showrunner alongside Marc Guggenheim, we also know that Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander will helm an episode, and both Oliver and Diggle will sport new looks. Arrow Season 4 will premiere on October 7, but check out the trailers above and below, and stand by for the latest!



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