If you thought you were already in need of that epically awesome looking new AT-AT action figure, you haven't seen anything yet.

Patrick Boivin, the incredibly talented filmmaker responsible for the "Iron Baby" video seen earlier this year, is back in action once again with a new short film called "AT-AT Day Afternoon." In this short, the villainous AT-AT is recast in a gentler light, no longer spending its days tormenting Rebel scum and shooting down snowspeeders with alarming accuracy. Instead, we're looking at the AT-AT as though it were a house-trained pet, like a dog. Exactly like a dog, in fact - so much so that this AT-AT plays with the cat, scratches doors, licks its own butt, goes for long runs and marks its territory wherever it pleases. Heck, it even poops out little Jabba the Hutt action figures! No joke!

Check out the hilarious and heartwarming video after the jump.

Source: Gamma Squad