Inspired by Atomic Robo's regular sessions of slaying monsters (both literal and figurative) with science, one enterprising costumer has crafted an impressive AR casing - and as a childhood barber of mine used to say after sculpting many of my bowl cuts, "he's ready for the dance!"

Robo creators writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener alerted the 'Net to Devin Harrigan's completed costume, which seems to recreate Robo's form and functions with pretty stunning accuracy.

Harrigan's FeatherWeight Cosplay has churned out other such works of art before - including a previous version of Robo with just as much attention to detail, but perhaps a touch less mobility. As costuming achievements go, the Robo 2.0 seems to merge the mecha detail of FWC's Strike Gundam design with the cartoon soul of Squirtle.

Check out the costume's working voice modulator, spry arms and - yes - dance moves after the jump.