Finally caught up with Comic-Con coverage, Blair Butler is back in the studio for more Fresh Ink! Online reviews. It's a bit of a lightning round this week as Blair comments on three weeks worth of releases including Severed #1, Secret Six #36, Daredevil #1, Ultimate Fallout #4, Jonah Hex #70, Punisher Max #16, The Red Wing #2, Batman Detective Comics #881, Criminal: the Last of the Innocent, and Hellboy: the Fury #3. Despite the heaping helping of titles, her commentary is as sharp and insightful -- if slightly sped up -- as usual.

Blair also gave props to Chris Sims' review of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1969, commenting that the piece reflected many of her own thoughts on the latest from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill.

Watch this week's episode of Fresh Ink! Online in full after the cut.