Ever since the return of Steve Rogers, fans have been waiting for Marvel's most iconic heroes to reunite. But just because the band is getting back together doesn't mean they'll be playing the same tunes and that's where the newly announced "Avengers Prime" miniseries comes in.

According to Comic Book Resources, "Prime" is all about the healing. While it won't include any Autobot leaders, the mini will bridge the gap between "Siege" and the beginning of the publisher's "Heroic Age" with a tale reuniting the Avengers' "Big Three." Steve Rogers, Iron Man and Thor have plenty of baggage to work through before they can be besties again and this series will reportedly see the trio sucked into an adventure ripe with opportunities to do just that.

Avengers' architect Brian Michael Bendis is set to team with artist Alan Davis for the five issue series beginning in June, meaning some of the story might feel retroactive.For heroes with this much history, however, the scheduling seems fairly appropriate.