Writing can get sticky sometimes. There are a lot of ways for a narrative to get buried beneath details, derailing the primary directive of simply telling a good story.

Fortunately for those afflicted with writer's block, the Webcomic Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz has constructed a periodic table of elements-sized chart offering wordsmith's tried-and-true 3rd act plot twist ideas:

Dresden Codak

Diaz's twists are pretty wonderful to behold, mostly because he's tapped into the fact that the truth is stranger than fiction. Comic fans alone will likely feel a sense of deja vu mulling over the chart without much fuss.

While the twists are presumably meant for fiction writers, there's more than a few I'd like to experience directly should my day-to-day life ever imitate Webcomic art.

No, I'm not saying which ones.

Okay, all of them.