Stop-motion animated films have a tendency to be awesome, ridiculous or somewhere in between - and in the case of this battle between Hot Toys' Batman and Iron Man action figures, it's definitely the latter.

On the one hand, the animation is pretty impressive, certainly helped along by the excellent use of sound effects. On top of that, Kyle Roberts' stop-motion animated film isn't just a spectator sport - it's interactive, offering the folks at home the chance to select which character they want to win the battle. Both endings are pretty terrific, with Batman's killing move just a touch cooler than Iron Man's, in my opinion.

But we enter the realm of ridiculousness with the self-described ridiculous ending, during which Batman and Iron Man have a tearful moment of reconciliation that leads to a brief musical number from the Caped Crusader. The ending definitely deserves the ridiculous label, thanks in large part to the awkward lip-synching of each character.

Try the interactive video out yourself after the jump.

[Via: Topless Robot]