I spend an awful lot of my time thinking about Batman villains, so I was pretty excited to find out about an art project by David Creighton-Pester, better known by the name of WanderingBert. Over the past three years, he's dedicated his considerable artistic skills to drawing Batman villains -- and he's not stopping with the top tier, either. He's going all the way down with as many as he can find, from the Joker all the way down to Condiment King. He's drawn 207 Batman Villains so far, and today, I've picked out 21 of my favorites.Surprisingly, WanderingBert didn't start off with the Joker. Instead, he went with Killer Moth, a self-styled "Batman of Crime," whose costume has always made me wonder what the hell it was that flew through his window:

He did eventually get to the Clown Prince of Crime though, with a Joker that's pretty fantastic:

Bonecrusher, the prototype Bane seen in "Blind Justice":

Catwoman, seen here in the costume she sported throughout most of her solo title in the '90s:

Death-Man, probably better known today from Jiro Kuwata's manga version:

The Cavalier, a crooked vigilante who got on Batman's nerves with his Zorro-esque aesthetic:

WanderingBert didn't just limit himself to the comics, though. Here's Egghead, the arch-criminal portrayed by Vincent Price on the 1966 TV show!

He even threw in a few baddies from Batman Beyond, like Inque:

And of course, to Batman: The Animated Series for H.A.R.D.A.C., a robotic duplicate of Batman that tragically could not remember the last time he had a good steak:

Deadshot, a villain who would later go on to great success as a member of the Suicide Squad:

Probably the best piece he's done, The Mad Hatter:

Nocturna, the hot-air balloon entusiast and alleged vampire who once tried to adopt Jason Todd:

One of my favorite goofy-as-hell B:TAS villains, Nostromo, a con-man fortune teller who somehow had a planetarium lair with razor sharp Saturn rings:

The Outsider, a deformed mastermind who was secretly Alfred:

Professor Pyg, a perverse villain who grafts horrible flesh masks to his victims to turn them into mindless slaves. You can see him this fall on a cartoon for children:

Ra's al-Ghul, the immortal master of the League of Assassins:

The Reaper, a brutal vigilante who fought crime in Gotham with deadly results:

The Riddler. I like that guy a lot.

Not to be confused with the Sandman, the Sandman, the Sandman, the Sandman or the Sandman, The Sandman was a villain from Batman '66 played by Michael Rennie who committed somnambulistic crimes:

The Ventriloquist and Scarface, a drawing that's second only to the Mad Hatter:

And finally, we have the single greatest Batman villain of all time: The KGBeast:

To see the entire gallery of 207 villains, check out the set on Flickr!