Thanks, in part, to his many futuristic weapons and vehicles, Batman's a hearty contender for Star Wars mashups. Or is it that Star Wars, with its strong themes of justice sits at the ready to be caped and cowled Batman-style? Bigger nerds than I can hash out the details, all you really need to know is that artist Lucas Lago of Brazil has effectively recruited the entire SW universe for Batman, Inc., with an awesome poster Bat-izing everyone from Boba-Fett (Bat-Boba) to Jabba the Hutt (Jabbat). Check out the full size image after the cut.Lago's blog is full of more pop culture combinations, including more Boba Fett goodness combined with one of the beasts from Ridley Scott's Alien.

Looking at the mashups, it's probably a good thing for my wallet that the toy rights to Batman and Star Wars are split between Mattel and Hasbro, respectively. A blogger needs food money, after all.

[Via Neatorama]