After its third weekend of release, the little Marvel movie that almost wasn’t continues to dominate the box office and break records as Hollywood executives claw their way over one another in a mad scramble to see if they can get their hands on some superhero comic character they can slap with an "R" rating that hasn't been snapped up yet. Quarter bins all over Los Angeles are being torn apart by men and women in expensive suits like something out of The Walking Dead as every studio races to see which one can take the wrong lesson away from Deadpool's success in the most spectacular fashion.

I could try to get into some of Deadpool's history, but if you're looking at this, odds are pretty high that you already know and love Deadpool. I mean, this is just statistically speaking based on the number of comics, t-shirts, and movie tickets the guy has sold. I am within my rights based on the science of mathematical probability to assume you're already totally into ol' Wade Wilson. Oh wow, I was there for Deadpool's introduction back in New Mutants #98 and even though I've always known he was a rip-off of Deathstroke, I just now realized how blatant a rip-off "Wade Wilson" is of "Slade Wilson". Honestly, I'm embarrassed for myself for not noticing this sooner and for Marvel for letting this happen to me.

While we both ponder how something this embarrassing could happen, enjoy a small selection of the finest Deadpool fan art the internet has to offer!

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