Artist Billy Fowler may have a thing for drawing Hulked out shoulders and proportions similar to those of Ed McGuinness, but he also puts some time into tender facial expressions that could make you feel like you're looking at a Joshua Middleton cover. In fact it's fitting that Molly from Runaways shows up in his portfolio of fan artwork, because he would fit right in on a team book like that with a pack of spunky kids.
As luck would have it, Fowler hangs out at conventions doing commissions, which he writes about and posts on his Sweatybuffalo blog. Check out his deviantART account, too, if you want to see some fun comics and Star Wars sketches.

His Gamorrean guard and Deadpool are especially impressive, although neither of them pack both the evil and domestic craftiness that Fowler's Darkseid possesses. The real Darkseid would probably feel a lot less hate in his heart if he'd just spent a little more time knitting.