Witchblade bodypaint can be a natural choice for cosplayers looking to make a statement at a convention, but some attendees choose more challenging costumes that demand greater amounts of paint and less exposed skin. After all, sculpting abs and thighs to make Jim Lee character designs jealous will only get you so far in the real world when you have to wear pesky things like clothing.

Tributes to Wonder Woman, Mystique, The Hulk, Green Lantern and some erotic variation of Batwoman that must have shown up in an Elseworlds title I didn't read appear in a well-researched montage of cosplay accomplishments on Blastr. You may have thought Joel Schumacher set the standard for nipple definition when he had Bruce Wayne's costume for "Batman and Robin" constructed, but the paint enthusiasts here stuck with the body shapes God gave them.

That may or may not sit well with you depending on how delicate your sensibilities are, but feel free to peruse some very NSFW examples below.

[Click on images to see original, in many cases NSFW, image]

[Via Blastr]