The classic '60s "Spider-Man" animated theme song means many things to many people and as such, has seen its share of interpretations over the years. For me, the Ramones' punk rock cover hits the spot. For others (including CA contributor Josh Wigler), the subway singer from Sam Raimi's 2002 "Spider-Man" motion picture has what they're looking for. Those without a favorite version? They will absolutely want to reserve a spot in their hearts for Stan The Man Griffin's dance version of the classic theme.

Griffin, a singer and science fiction writer, released the jam back in 2003. Io9 dug it up in conjunction with the release of Griffin's new book "Summoned The Novel," which sounds epic even in an age of hyperbolic usage:

"Summoned The Novel" tells the story about

The Most controversial decision in United States history, and how one Scientist Dr. Michael Stein, uncovers a plot by the United States Military, to use this decision, to create an army of Monsters, that will eventually; terrorize the entire planet. To help Satan, in his war against God, to damn the souls, of mankind. Forever!

"Stan The Man Spider-Dance" offers a decidedly less horrifying scenario involving plenty of love and funk, but it's always nice to have some insight into a creator's wider profile, right? Hear the magic after the jump.

[Via Io9]