Get ready to never see some of your favorite Superman and "Marvel Team-Up" back issues the same way ever again. With a little paint and a few word balloons, a true visionary among artists has re-imagined Clark Kent into his own series called "Glasses" and crossed into the untapped of goldmine of story potential that is Fin Fang Foom making out with Devil Dinosaur.

Those treasures and Superman crying tears of Christmas joy can be found in the galleries of a deviantART account belonging to a user named Books. Dig in and you'll see his twisted transfiguration of Tom and Jerry into Bug Bunny and Tweety Bird, as well as an insane battle scene between some classic patriot heroes and Nazi villain counterparts drawn with a disarming helping of kindergarten minimalism.

You may even get inspired to do a few DIY paint-jobs yourself after you see what this guy's done. A few of the masterpieces he's carved out await you below.