Boulet is infuriatingly good at making comics.

We've spotlighted the French cartoonist before here at ComicsAlliance, but every time we think we've seen the most amazing thing he's done, he comes up with something new that's just as jaw-dropping as ever -- and his latest, The Long Journey is good enough that unless you're, I don't know, performing surgery, you should probably go ahead and drop whatever you're doing and read it right now.

For this comic, Boulet has adopted a retro video game-style pixelated look to tell the story of what happens when he gets bored enough to crawl into his toilet and see what's going on down there. Under normal circumstances, this would be pretty inadvisable to do -- let alone to draw pictures of and show to others -- but for Boulet, it's the start of a trip down that uses one gigantic image to chronicle his journey through the Earth and out the other side.

The "Infinite Canvas" that you get from digital comics isn't an entirely new idea -- Scott McCloud first called it that years ago, and he's used it in the past -- but very few people have done it as well as Boulet does here. It's gorgeous, affecting and, in true Boulet style, frequently hilarious as he travels through sewers, oceans, and Hell itself (while remarking that he doesn't really believe in it).



It's easily the best comic I've read all week, and since it's sitting right there for free, it's definitely worth your time to check out.

And incidentally, if you are performing surgery while reading ComicsAlliance, please let me know where you practice so I can try to never get injured in that area.