A few weeks ago, I read through Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard's Brass Sun and loved it. It's got a compelling plot, engaging characters and it's set in a world full of possibilities for strange adventure. Of course, it's also beautiful, with some of the best art that you can find on the stands.

That's why today, we're shining the spotlight onto it again with a gallery of Culbard's incredibly striking covers, from both the American miniseries release and its original serialized run in the pages of 2000 AD. Check them out below, including an exclusive first look at the final covers for issues #5-6. free of logos and other trade dress.

One of the most fascinating and gorgeous new comics that I’ve read in a long while, Brass Sun is set in a world dominated by a machine-based theocracy that’s denying an oncoming ice age to preserve its own shaky power in the face of a rising tide of heresy, with the story following a young woman whose martyred grandfather gave her the keys to bringing it all down. Culbard's cover illustrations convey the at once epic and intimate scale of the story, which will conclude with October's issue #6.

Brass Sun #1-2 are on sale now in finer comics shops and from the 2000 AD app.