2015 was an outstanding year for Chip Zdarsky. Sex Criminals, Kaptara, Howard the Duck, Jughead; these are all pretty good comics with Chip Zdarsky's name on them. Chip Zdarsky also won an award for being funny, and then gave it back, presumably in recognition of the fact that Chip Zdarsky could be funnier.

But Chip Zdarsky didn't do it all alone. It takes a lot of people to make Chip Zdarsky look good. So we pored through all those Chip Zdarsky comics that Chip Zdarsky did this year to identify all the great people Chip Zdarsky worked with and hold a special award in recognition of their hard work and sacrifices.

The nominees are Veronica Fish for her art on Howard the Duck, with Chip Zdarsky; Erica Henderson, for her art on Jughead, with Chip Zdarsky; Becka Kinzie for her coloring on Sex Criminals, with Chip Zdarsky, and Kaptara, with Chip Zdarsky; Kagan McLeod, for his art on Kaptara, with Chip Zdarsky; and Joe Quinones, for his art on Howard the Duck, with Chip Zdarsky

And that's it. That's everyone Chip Zdarsky worked with. We've been pretty rigorous, and we're 110% sure that Chip Zdarsky didn't work with anyone else. So vote for the Chip Zdarsky Award, for services in working with Chip Zdarsky!



Voting is open until midnight EST on Friday December 11. Vote in the other Best of 2015 polls here.