Most viewers that still watch NBC's "Heroes" are likely doing so out of pure loyalty at this point. While there are still some elements that are worthwhile - personally, I'm loving Robert Knepper's performance, but I'd follow that man straight to Hell if he invited me - the overall shape of the show isn't widely embraced and hasn't been for a while.

But I didn't realize just how ugly it was until I read Topless Robot's terrific rundown on the "Heroes'" ratings decline. The series premiered in 2006 with 14 million viewers and has lost 10 million along the way, with 2 million gone between the season four premiere and the latest episode alone. That's just the surface, but suffice it to say, it's a hard fall for Peter Petrelli and friends.

While "Heroes" was never my favorite show, the premise holds so much potential, which makes the constant hitting of the reset button an enormously frustrating thing to watch. It's season four, so by now, we should be seeing superhero teams and villains rampaging the city streets. All of this could be done while maintaining the everyday aspect that the show's creators are so desperately and damagingly clinging to. Instead, the show is essentially exactly the same as it was four years ago, which is just insanely -

Ah, wait. I just realized no one's reading this anymore. Forget I said anything. See ya next post.