Prepare for maximum jealousy Reb Brown, because Chris Evans' stunt double seems to be taking a page from your sweet 1979 cinematic performance as Captain America in new photos from the film's London set. The new Cap's shield, however, appears to be 100 percent opaque (and slightly battle-damaged, even!).

The photos from Daily Mail seem to show Evans' unnamed stunt double potentially chasing some Hydra agents around on a military motorcycle with Cap's shield closely in tow. The costume seems to match its early design images nicely (with the exception of the helmet, which is likely specific to cycling), with a bulky balance of natural materials like leather and synthetic padding that suits Captain America's status as a hero of two time periods.

It's a little disappointing not to see Evans himself in the duds, but it's nice to see the fellas executing his stunts look heroic thus far.

See more images of the Captain America costume below:

[Via Daily Mail]