For the past few years, Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time has made a pretty good showing at Comic-Con. Last year it was a parade of Finns with a life-sized Lady Rainicorn marching through the Gaslamp District, and this year, Cartoon Network went the extra mile to get the fans involved with the Adventure Time Experience.

Set up in San Diego's Children's Museum -- and marked by a gigantic inflatable Finn head -- the experience rewarded fans with a prize if they could solve a riddle in five minutes, and then led into an amazing gallery of Adventure Time fan-art. Check out photos from the event after the jump!

Loosely based on the episode "The Enchiridion," the event involved Cartoon Network staffers dressed as the Key-per leading young (and, let's be honest, old) adventurers into a set of rooms decked out to look like the Land of Ooo's Hall of Doors and a mysterious room full of lockers.

Once everyone was in, they were told to carefully choose a capsule from a chest:

Within each capsule was a riddle and a key to one of the lockers in the next room, with the idea being that you solved the riddle to find out which locker you could open, and then you claimed the prize inside. Mine, for instance, told me that to reclaim what was missing, I'd have to find the locker that touched one-two-four. Now, anyone who knows me will be completely unsurprised to learn that I love the idea of solving riddles to claim treasure, so I was pretty excited when we got to the Locker Room and found the Door Lord defeated.

As for the prizes, I walked away (after opening a locker adjacent to #124) with a Lady Rainicorn slap bracelet...

...while Matt Digges, who went through with me, got an edible Peppermint Butler:

But there were a ton of other prizes, including action figures.

The real treat, though, came when we got to the gallery of fan-art that was open to the public, whether or not they'd been through the Adventure Time experience, full of amazing pieces done in tribute to the show, many of which appeared to have a strange reflection of a large man in a "Macho Man" Randy Savage t-shirt for some reason:

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