When Devin Kraft and Logan Pack, the duo behind Cheshire Cat Art, cite their influences, they talk about folks like Katsuhiro Otomo, Frank Quietly and Moebius. And those are indeed hands you can see guiding elements of their comics and illustrations. But any good artistic partnership thrives on one very important influence: each other.
Kraft and Pack hail from the conspiracy fertile grounds of Roswell, New Mexico, where art provided a reprieve from their desert boredom. Kraft's artistic sublimation has resulted in two dozen comics, including Deluge, Neverender and Devil and Dr. John. There are certainly distinct differences between Kraft and Pack's artwork. Kraft tends to illustrate complete scenes while Pack leans more toward portraiture. Kraft's lines are more cartoony, with occasional flights of mechanical fancy, while Pack plays with shadow and splatter. But in both artists' work, you can see experiments with textures and a real fondness for their Japanese influences.

You can see more of their art at the Cheshire Cat Art site and their deviantART gallery, or purchase art and comics from their store.

Devin Kraft:

Logan Pack: