I'm not sure what the cosplay scene is like in China, but Chinese Telecom worker Wang XiaoKang would likely clean up if he toured America's convention circuit and competed for the prize of "Most righteous Iron Man Mark I movie armor." Created from the kind of awesome raw materials that aren't actual iron, but totally like it with a quality paint job (foam, LED lights, tubing), XiaoKang crafted an awesomely accurate Iron Man costume and sported it at his Shanghai workplace to the seeming delight of his co-workers and peers. See the office adventure of Iron XiaoKang after the jump.The Telegraph cracks a lazy joke about how XiaoKang, who claims women have fallen in love with him due to his armor, is unsurprisingly not married. Did they not see Iron Man or Iron Man 2? Getting women is, like, Tony Stark's thing.

At just 25 years old, XiaoKang's accomplished an awesome cosplay feat. We can only sit and wait to see what radness the dude will tackle next. Perhaps Iron Man's upcoming Avengers movie armor? He's at least working on a Mark VI helmet...

See XiaoKang's armored debut at work below:

[Via Gamma Squad]