Chris Bishop loves robots and superheroes (really, who doesn't?), and he's taken his passion so far that he's made it easier for you to explain "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" to someone with absolutely no background knowledge of Star Wars using a simple info-graphic. He's also cranked out some extremely T-shirt-friendly designs featuring comic book and Masters of the Universe characters.

The punch he's rendered Captain America landing on the Red Skull is a testament to Bishop's comics affection on his personal website. And I don't mean to imply that it's difficult to paint Han Solo not being a badass, but his portrait of the Millenium Falcon owner is as tough as they come.

It's just a shame that he doesn't have more original artwork available through his Etsy shop, but you may want to keep an eye out there for more of his stuff. In the meantime, you can click past the jump and see a few of our favorite examples from his portfolio.

[Via Super Punch]