Chris Evans is Captain America. Both Heat Vision and Variety are reporting that the former "Fantastic Four" actor has agreed to a nine picture deal that includes "The First Avenger: Captain America," sequels, "The Avengers," and other Marvel Studios projects that require appearances from the star spangled hero.

It's still not clear whether or not Evans is able to pick up the shield while still attached to "What's Your Number?" with Anna Farris. It's also not a completely done deal, since Evans is still reportedly in the process of signing his Marvel Studios contract. But for all intents and purposes, Evans is Steve Rogers.

The most important question is, what do you think? Does Evans have what it takes to become the iconic super soldier? Is he too snarky? Is he too young? Too scrawny? Or is Evans an inspired choice, not unlike Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? Does the idea of Evans sharing screen time with Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark appeal to you? How does he stack up to other potential Cap candidates like John Krasinski, Chace Crawford and Channing Tatum?

Most of these questions will be best answered by footage and testimonials from those lucky enough to visit the "Captain America" set, but for now, we're interested in hearing your knee-jerk reactions. Be sure to leave them in the comments section.[Source: Heat Vision and Variety]