The more of Christie Tseng's manga and cartoon-inspired illustrations you look at, the more you'll realize that she's basically an airbender of sketching and motion. Specimens from Sym-Bionic Titan, One Piece, Young Justice and Teen Titans can be seen throughout her portfolio, which looks like Miyazaki concept work that downed a few Red Bulls.
Tseng posts her Impulse and Avatar fight mock-ups to her Dump of Paint blog and deviantART account. She seems to have a strong handle on her DC animation styles, and her splashy watercolors and charcoal work are dance right off the page.

This is all in addition to her original Poopshovel launcher designer, which looks like about the most terrifying non-lethal weapon ever made. Just make sure and use two hands if you ever get your hands one, because that's not the kind of gun you want firing in the wrong direction. Check it out along with some of our favorite Tseng Work below.